Saturday, November 5, 2016

ML Dormamu BAF: Karl Mordo

I try not to look at a wave and point out who the dud will be because that usually sets up a mindset that I won't be enjoying a particular piece in the set... so you guessed it. I pointed out that Karl Mordo is the said dud. So does he live out of his expectation? Or is he really the lackluster of the group that I have reviewed so far?

Right off the get go, this is going to be Baron Mordo's cinematic appearance; of course he isn't a baron yet, he is just simply Karl Mordo; for now.

No running change also. He is the only figure to back up this BAF piece.

There is a likeness to the actor and I must say that the mold itself is nice. The paint job is well done and the combination of the colors, credit to the costume makers of the movie, definitely came out well in action figure form. I honestly think that this is also an original mold. Then again, it seems both Cinematic Dr. Strange and Karl over here have original mold due to the costume designs. I like Mordo's emotion; it's stern, but not goofy, and can fit a lot of dynamic scenes. With alternate heads being sparse in the Legends' line, having a very versatile face if you are to provide just one is a must.

When I first saw this, I thought the magical skulls were Mordo's but it's the BAF's. Mordo gets a... staff. That's right. ONE acceossory.

Right off the get go, his articulation is not very ... compatible. I assume (now that this movie is out) that Mordo is going to be doing a lot of acrobatic/magical stuff. For his design to thwart some of that was a complete let down. He also lacks some special effects and I have to make do with his others' accessories. Which is kind of a let down. Even trying to use a stand was not a fun photoshoot for me.

So why not try some staff poses? Well, considering that he has a magical staff, to do some basic staff pose is once again falling deep into the lackluster of a figure this is. AND... the skirt/robe hinders so much of his legs that one can't do any awesome kung fu poses with the weapon.

Maybe I'll appreciate this figure more once I see the movie, but all in all, it's going to fall as the dud of the wave so far. He is a must though; one can't complete Dormamu without getting Karl over here. 

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