Tuesday, September 20, 2016

ML Juggernaut BAF: Kitty Pryde(Shadow Cat)

Another figure from the Juggernaut BAF that came out this year. Truthfully, I didn't think I would haver her in my collection but she comes with a particular accessory that is a must if I am to pull through on getting another BAF (more on this later). Regardless, let's review Kitty, shall we?

The new box of the Juggernaut BAF. Something I didn't add in the Iceman review is the logo of the X-Men symbol being on top to match the color scheme.

The rest of the box should be a familiar sight regardless of what 'team' or 'franchise' Marvel is highlighting. More of then than not, the figure is displayed in a rather lackluster position.

Now as the figure itself, it is definiltey hindered by the design of the character. Kitty Pryde has gone through some extravagant changes in her costume; some of these said changes she did on her own (look up Sprite or Shadowcat) and suffice to say, most did not really sink in well. This design is more or less a homage to the original outfit of the X-Men. The better of her costume, I'd say.

Getting right into the paint job, Kitty is a contrast of bright and dark. It's not a bad combo, but it definitley makes it easy for Hasbro to gloss over their paint budget. The mold is pretty good for a young woman. All comic book gals have to be fit, no duh. As for her visage, she's pretty plain jane; not a bad thing. While her ponytail look is not my favorite, I am glad that Hasbro went with this hairstyle just to add some variations in the styling of their Marvel gals in figure form.

Now Kitty only comes with one accessory: Lockheed, which is a staple partner that this X-(wo)Man is typically drawn with. An extraterrestrial dragon who exceeds Kitty's understanding of the worlds outside their own, apparently. I can't really think of what else they could have done with Kitty to make her powers work in the accessory form. Background with a built in 'phase in' limb? A transparent limb? This one has me perplexed so I am not griping about the lack of; I am however excited that she comes with TWO BAF pieces for TWO separate characters. That's right! TWO! I did not purchase the Red Onslaught wave, but I WILL buy that Onlsaught BAF without the characters. I have to have an Onslaught in his first form!

Now to talk about her articulation: this one is a tough one to judge. Sure it's easy to say that she lacks or she is standard. It's easy to complain about the lack of accessories. The thing is, Kitty Pryde's power is difficult to translate into figure form. Sadly, that leaves us with just a standing Kitty Pryde with a few dynamic scenes. Truly, it's hard to tweak the figure as if she is phasing in and out of a wall or the ground. Least she has the standard range of motions, though! Still, wish Hasbro would get into hair articulation!

If anything, she has her pal Lockheed to keep her company!

Or maybe her comic book boyfriend(at the moment), Star Lord, man! By the way, these two are not accurate when we are talking about height. Cinematic Universe seems to be smaller than comic book versions.

And a sexy Kitty Pryde to end it off. All in all, decent. I like having her in my collection, but I'm not thoroughly impressed with this figure. Again, a lot of that is going to be factored in to the character's power and how it is truly not Hasbro's fault. Though I'm sure the company could have found a way to be sneaky and impress... but we all know Hasbro won't go that route. With that said, my X-Men shelf is getting bigger! 

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