Thursday, May 12, 2016

Harley Quinn's Distress: Official Art Work!

I have already updated Harley's Previous Damsel Month with this news, but I will go in depth in this blog post! So we have it folks! We have a Harley Quinn in distress! And not just a cover art or just some one page deal!


Though the covers are fun by their own right, they don't really depict what is happening inside the panels! I won't sit here and bombard every single page, just the ones I really think is awesome. But here, just to take a look:

A full on chair tie scene with an OTM gag? But that's not the only beauty of it:

Ms. Quinn ends up with a ball gag. Seriously? A freaking ball gag in the mainstream comics that isn't being elusive about it? Wow! Isn't that something! It's freaking awesome, honestly.

Lots of close ups and lots of humiliation. Not a lot of gag-talk, but I honestly don't mind it. There are plenty of things to like about this scenario:

Un-gagging and the (perve voice) drool affect! As a bondage enthusiast, that is a freaking must!

Then the re-gagging scene. Truly truly golden.

Of course Harley never really loses her humor, even if she is incredibly pissed off. Then as the pages keep going, she is put through some humiliation, taunting, and some emotional drive. Best part of it is, the artist conveys her emotions in her ball-gagged situation:

Yes. And here's the best part, this whole situation started in issue 1 and we are on issue 2. Not once has Harley had the means to escape. This last pic is how issue 2 ends that means.... we may see more of her in distress in issue 3. So anyways for those who are wondering, this comic book is called "Harley Quinn and her Gang of Harleys"; basically Harley assembles a bunch of wannabes and in return, she is met with another group of wannabes. I'm not completely buying the story, but the essence of it as a DiD/Bondage-enthusiast has me reeled in. There is a huge amount of fan service here for sure! They aren't discreet about it, thus why I am not trying to be discreet as to what the purpose of this post is. Then again, when am I EVERY discreet about my bondage tendencies? Anyways, get more of this in Readcomiconline! I also have to thank SleepyComics for showing me this! Can't wait for the next issue! 

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