Thursday, January 29, 2015

"Darkness and Light pt. III"

"...My Light in the Dark..."

(Current date: 3/20/15)

We have another year to add to our tally mark, don't we? It's amazing what years and years puts up. I know the latest hasn't been our most prominent of years. We haven't seen each other as much. We haven't really communicated the way we used to... there were often times when I thought that perhaps "this" was just ... another brick in the wall. Or maybe I should just say, another wall just to pass by and gawk at for a few and then eventually crumbles and fall.


Here we are still. And here we will always be. I can't take back all the things that has come and has gone. I can't make you feel better for the times you have felt all the things you shouldn't have felt. But as always, I can be a light in the dark for you. I can always be that friend when you need that shoulder to lean on.

Always. =)

To more of "us", my friend. So that this year we can add another to our lengthy friendship. 7=)

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