Saturday, January 31, 2015

Damsel of the Month:

Name/Alias: Jean Grey, Marvel Girl, Phoenix

Series: X-Men, Uncanny X-Men

Some Words: A really obscure character of the DiD world indeed! Truthfully, it was almost a strenuous task to get some pics of this lovely red head in distress! So why pick her? Well, one of her alias is after all the Phoenix! The new year, the new damsel to send us off, so this is the pick. She's not my favorite, honestly out of all the X-Women that rose to fame, she is the one gal that didn't seem to truly get my attention. Maybe it's the lack of DiD material? I don't know. But, here we are now trying her out on the ropes! So what to say about her?

Yvonne Craig

The X-Woman who has died and reborn far more times than we have seen her change her costume. One of the original X-Men. One of the founding members of the Original X-Factor. Cyclops' one and only(kind of) and Logan's love of his life. She's got mind powers almost as tricked out as Xavier; almost but she's a bit stronger. Combine her with the Phoenix Force and well... maybe that's why we've seen her less in bondage?

Bound and escaped, only to be tied up and gagged again. Least that's what we were all hoping for, right? Other than being one of the worse Damsel mascot of the X-Womens' history and dying redundantly? I'll give her credit. She's kicked ass for some long years and she was one of the casts of the 90's X-Men! Her bondage scene was also lackluster in that cartoon by the way. Speaking of change of costumes, we've seen her Phoenix bondage shoot. So here are some of the others(in no particular order on which I like best).

The Evolution costume and casual. Well that's a kinky position that last pic!

The short lived(I think) X-factor costume.
Wish I can find the person who drew this!

And of course her popular 90's costume! This was probably my most familiar costume with Jean Grey second to her Phoenix force one.

Cuttle Squid

Captive 2D
And obviously her "Marvel Girl" uniform got a lot more bondage love(and some official ones too). Maybe it's the skirt and the whole boots? Lovely looking I must say! And she came with friends in bondage!

All in all, Jean Grey is not a bad looker and definitely in dire need of more bondage scenes. I was adamant about her having the January slot because she is the Phoenix; the testament that if something dies, it will be reborn. Hope. Perseverance. 2015 is all about that for me, I believe! And yes, let's not take away the moment that Jean Grey will escape only to be bound and gagged again! So... love month next month!!!! Who shall it be?!


Definitely some of the best renders of Jean Grey in her Phoenix form. By Iorel

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