Sunday, September 28, 2014

Damsel of the Month:

Name/Alias: Sailor Mercury, Ami Mizuno

Series: Sailor Moon(All the way to Sailor Stars), Sailor Moon Crystal

Some words: This damsel was an off the whim choice. Truth to be told, Sailor Mercury is probably on the lowest rank of my Senshis. I'm not the biggest fan of her and the only one that is probably below her is Sailor Chibi Moon. So why her? Well simple answer really. She's born on September. That and she has some pretty HOTT pictures. Sadly, she has a little more than the other Senshis. There must be a huge following of her bondage endeavors since I found a lot more for her than Jupiter, and I prefer the tall Senshi more than this one. Well, it's not that Mercury isn't attracting, it's just that she's kind of boring to me. But her bondage pics that are downright provocative aren't boring at all. In fact, they're pretty darn good! Okay, moving on then.

She's the smart one. The braniac and the nerd of the group. During the first season, her attack didn't really do anything to harm the enemy; acted more like a 'cover up' to help the next Senshi fish of the enemy from the negative force. So maybe that's what got me to be turned off from her existence? Wel l maybe. Way back when the shorter haired anime gals didn't do it for me and Ami's hair is pretty darn short; gets longer in the last season though so it gives her a bit more of an attracting quality. Yet right off the bat there was something I noticed with her that the other Senshis didn't quite have: better scenes of DiD. Ami is usually the one with the better angle or situation being a captive as show in the first picture and the one in the left. While the Senshis didn't really get into the best bondage positions as one would surmise, when they did, Ami usually had the most memorable. Shame, but I guess it's what got me to like her really.

And I do wish I can credit the artist that drew all of these nice Mercury pics.

An evil Rope entity. That is VERY useful!

And honestly, with that rope work and situation right there, that really gets me to look Mercury's way. And who needs enemies with friends like that huh?

Sleepy Comics

Wow I am loving that evil rope.

And EVIL vibrators! That is rather.... ahem.

And of course Mars doesn't get into trouble all by herself:


And of course, what's a Damsel of the Month without Loz's contribution to the DiD world, right?

Sailor Moon's revenge from all the times
And mean friends like Usagi?! And can we clap our hands for Evil Rope?!

Then of course whatever else is going on with rope, whether evil or not, it works, right?

So all in all, yeah, Mercury. Hott damsel.

So anyways, who can be the Halloween damsel, huh? What do you think, Ami? Care to reach for a vote so we can decide on that?

On to October!

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