Friday, September 19, 2014

Masterless and Rage

It's been a while. What's on your mind?

Care to laugh?

Laughter is sometimes the best medicine.

If we are speaking about the humor of the universe, sometimes it's not remedy. 

Oh yes. That.

You don't ever really get used to it. Not at all.

Something else on your mind aside from that?

Effort. And the nonchalant way we can just get laughed at and walk away.

Product of the road we have taken.

Product of 'it is what it is'. I still don't believe in that phrase.

Yeah, it's not really hard to disagree with.

We walk this road of ups and downs. Sometimes it feels like we are the fools that abides by the rhythm of humor.

Then what is it that you want accomplished?

Sometimes...... I just wish I knew how to disengage. 

.....Yeah.... wouldn't that be a ironic.

What is Ironic about this is that 'effort' usually means 'disappoint'. It's the clockwork pattern that we have to scrape up and take. At the end of the day..... who is the one taking in all the fuck ups? 

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