Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Masterless and Rage

"I'm starting to think of a few things."

"Do share."

"It's not that I sit here and pay for things I have never done."

"Really now?"

"Well, that's still the case… But I also think that it's not solely on the idea that I am paying for things that was the cause of wrong doings, but I think for every good deed I have done there is also a price."

"Well that's a conundrum."

"It is."

"So I'm guessing if I ask you the question about going back in time you'd still have the same answer?"

"All the encumbering side affects, all the pain, all of the regrets, and all of these doubts, what was it all for?"

"I don't know yet because the future hasn't been told. But in your logic, I can't say that you are right or wrong. "

"Because I'm not wrong. I'm right and as much of an idiot YOU are, so am I. I pay for things I have never done and I also pay for every good deed I commit. I shouldn't have… I shouldn't have done A LOT of things."

"It's kind of sad."

"It wouldn't be if it wasn't for that ONE MOMENT IN TIME."

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