Monday, September 3, 2012

Bishoujo: Supergirl

So here's the newest addition to my Bishojo statues! Supergirl! Now the Kryptonian princess had never been my favorite, in fact it donned on me that I know very little to nothing about her, however, she had always had this enticing look to her. Truthfully, it's because of the outfit. The last daughter of Krypton cares very little to howe impractical or even how .... um... perversion magnet her outfit is! But I guess when bullets bounce off of you it does very little to give care about wandering eyes.

Like the other Bishoujo, the box offers a lot of aesthetics.
The art on the box is mimicked quite immaculately with the statue.

Take out of the box, Supergirl is quite detailed, vibrant, and very whimsical in every way; I speak in about the statue in regard to her color, posture, the alluring figure itself, and even the way they decided to put the stand! The 'action scene' insinuates that she just took off for flight, ready for whatever it is a flying super heroine does! And again unknown to me, there is also a 'Super Cat' which is named Streaky who appears to be Kara's (Super Girl's alias) little pet who also holds the Kryptonian power of super speed, super strength, flight, freeze breath, X-ray vision, and heat ray vision (on the other side of the coin, I would assume that the kryptonite would also weaken the kitty! Darn!) This blonde bombshell is more than a great addition to my set of Bishoujo for these reasons alone, and of course her pet is also more than enough to add some perks to it!

And on the side of perversion, who would think that a skirt is a fabulous idea on a girl that has the ability to fly?! But as asinine as that idea is, I actually rather think it's enticing for reasons as I have mentioned leans on perversion. Notice the red lingerie? Nice.

So The two may be a bit lonely... but There is bound to be an addition. Soon.

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