Sunday, December 4, 2016

ML Dormamu BAF: Astral Doctor Strange

The last and final piece of Hasbro's 2016 Dr. Strange Marvel Legends BAF: Astral Plane Dr. Strange. Another one of those figures that I initially thought would be a let down since it is just a repaint and it was another gimmick just to add another piece on the set. So let's see what's the final verdict on this guy.

Nothing extravagant. We've seen this box before from this whole set so we can move on.

The fact that I wasn't excited enough for him doesn't change at all when he has one accessory; an accessory that isn't even his. It's Dormamu's head for the BAF. So, we can move on.

It's the exact same mold as the Movie Dr. Strange so I won't go in detail about the sculpting. Though I will say that it's still a good mold, just hindered.

Being mostly pearl white, it's hard to really say something about the paint job, that is until he shows some variations when being around certain colors. He absorbs some colors, which makes him a bit more 'magical' in some ways. Oh, one thing, the Eye of Agamatto is white and he didn't get the cloak with him. Odd.

Again, same mold, no need to go in detail about his articulation. He pretty much has the same pros and cons as his 'colored' counterpart.

In the end, while this figure didn't do anything to wow me, it does add a pretty unique twist to a figure I am okay with. He is also a prominent part of Dr. Strange since he goes on Astral form more often than not in the comic book world; and from what I heard, in the Cinematic Universe. All in all, this is a decent figure and the wave itself is pretty cool. Now for the BAF itself.

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