Saturday, December 13, 2014

Masterless and Rage

It's been a long time.

It has. But this will never truly go away, now will it?

No. What's on the plate?


How many?

How many nights has it been?

That's a vague question. What do you mean?

You ask how many wishes I have? I ask you how many nights of emptiness?

If that is what I think you ask then my answer is the majority of the year. I'd say the 'sated' visits can be counted with both hands.

So how many wishes do I have you say?

I guess the better question is, what are they?

In this world? I wish it was how it was. If there is one ultimate testament that it meant something is that those nights weren't just there and that it would be better than this year. In all factuality, this year wasn't exactly the best year... it was just better than the year before. I just wish.. that when/if the time comes, I can walk away if I have to.

Well, that's genuine wishes and I can't admonish you for that. For me, I wish this game was better in handling characters really... it's miniscule in comparison to your wishes but... character-wise, it be in the least of my favors. 

What a way to tangent of.

Characters are important, are they not? Think of it this way... she isn't always here right? And that's not exactly the best feeling right?

There isn't a moment when I wasn't wishing she was here.

Right. Well... Let's just say, there isn't a moment I wasn't wishing that I had the second crew to replace the mediocre characters of this game. 

Suppose I can understand that.

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