Friday, September 12, 2014

ML Groot BAF: Gamora

And here comes another piece of the Groot BAF from Hasbro: Gamora. Now not trying to delve into the movie as much but, Gamora was the eye candy of the movie as Black Widow was to Avengers. Though honestly, I really felt like she was a weak character and there was nothing grand about her; I feel the same way about her comic book counter part but hey, not all Marvel Characters can entice me, right? So how does her toy fare then? Let's find out.

Standard box. That artwork on the side remains amazing as they have been in Hasbro's new box for their Legends.

You know, there was actually a point that I was really worried about this figure's facial features; I thought she would revert back to the days when Hasbro(and all female figures in general) were just plain ugly. Hasbro was just in a good roll as of late and it would be a shame if Gamora(played by Zoey Saldana.. hott) came out as horrifying as the first Emma Frost that Hasbro tried way back when. Luckily, it's not a bad face. It has resemblance to the alluring actress. The rest of the figure is definitely in the mediocre area. While the paint detail on the hair, her suit, and her skin is well detailed, I think the ranking factor for me falls into just how lackluster her default outfit was. And no, I wasn't looking for a straight out sex fest like her comic book outfit was, but she just didn't have the wow factor; though Gamora's role in the movie was enough to get me to like her. One thing about the body, surprised they didn't use the busty mold; not truly complaining but I'm sure a lot of boys are.

Not going to be redundant with Hasbro's lack of in this department but I will say that this sword is terrible! Detail wise, size, and ... everything about it. The hilt is so small that Gamora can't hold it properly(or maybe I can blame it on her hands and the way they are poised)!

Now let's talk about Gamora's biggest flaw: articulation! So I must be spoiled with some of the things that standard Hasbro has to offer since I am not too thrilled with what Gamora can do. Now I'm not the biggest fan of the ankle pivot but she lacks that. Her head doesn't do a whole lot with the nicely painted air, her hands may have the standard movement but she truly lacks conviction in the way she holds her sword. Legs can't 'spread' too wide(and I'm not trying to be too sexual here) so that deters any of Gamora's acrobatics that she shows in the movie.

Just making this took a bit of effort. To stand on one knee and have something 'cool' come out of it is tedious to happen for Gamora... lame.

Decent face, nice paint, below mediocre articulation, and lame accessories(or lack of); seems to me that Gamora fell short. All in all, I'm not entirely disappointed to have her, though I don't think I would've missed much by not having her; though she is a necessary piece for not only Groot, but also to complete the movie Guardians of the Galaxy! Though I wish she had more 'exuberance' to her or something that would at least live up to her movie version... Maybe that's asking for too much. Well, least I have her!

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