Sunday, February 9, 2014

Damsel of the Month:

Name: Morrigan Aensland

Game: Darkstalkers, Marvel VS, Cross Edge

Some Words:
 There isn't a whole lot of bondage out there(ones that don't gross me out) for Ms. Aensland. Why is that? It's pretty simple you know! Morrigan is not the submissive type! She is a freaking succubus who wants to rape anyone she deems worthy to RAPE! She may be considered as the main protagonist of the Darkstalkers series and maybe she played a good role in Cross Edge, but the simple fact is that she is a freaking demoness! She is a freaking succubus! Like straight bad to the bone®! She rapes people while they sleep using their own fantasy against them(hmmm… wonder if these bondage pics are just meant to tantalize a few of us so she can rape us)! So why is that a dominant-dominatrix-demoness gets the slot for the month of love? Well, the simple fact is that don't we all love to control and dominate one who puts herself in the position to be on top all the time? I think this month Ms. Aensland should sit back, relax in her bonds and just let us take care of her.

Art by BlackProf; go to DA to see more!
Capcom wanted to step out of the martial arts theme for their fighting game(that's kind of an oxymoron) so they created Darkstalkers, which consists of legendary monster folklores from all corners of the world! We have Vampires, Demons, Space Ghosts, Lycanthropies, Abominable Snowman, Creature of Black Lagoon, freaky creepy lady ghost, and of course we have the Succubi who is Morrigan herself(a few more monster character genre that I didn't list). Character designs are questionable for some and if we just take away from Morrigan's beauty, her outfit really doesn't suit her. Maybe she should be more demonic rather than… ah hell. It fits her!

The fighting game had its own unique taste to it since the monsters all had peculiar moves and one even more distinct that stood out for me is Morrigan with her wings being able to turn into jet packs and gigantic laser machine gun! And for those of you who are into mummification, there is the mummy character that does just that as a special move: mummify, as the picture on the corner shows(burnup19 from deviant art). There were a few interesting things about that game and some characters became popular enough to carry over to the versus series and other games; Morrigan in particular became the "Chun li" of the Darkstalkers as she cameos in ALL the "VS" series and was even a playable character in Cross Edge(along with Dimitri and Lilith!). Maybe it's the sexual tendencies or maybe because she is almost an exact copy(move wise not aesthetically) of the Ryu and Ken genre, needless to say she gained enough momentum for DiD lovers!

Morrigan is a sexual icon as her role as Succubus implies. If that wasn't enough to insinuate provocativeness, Morrigan has Lilith(a story I'm NOT too familiar with) who is almost an exact copy of her(Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Dan… etc), whom she "shares" a victory pose with.

And yes, that is an actual in game victory pose! So suffice to say, this created a few fan art in the hentai/DiD world!

art by Zabzarock of DA
Let's add more to this!

Here's a reverse for once! By Girltaker from DA.

And if she isn't chaining up and licking poor Lilith to her heart's desire, Morrigan shares the bondage scenes with her according to this commission(and a few more somewhere in the world wide web).

art by: Sanperson of DA
And Lilith is not the only spotlight she shares her bondage with:

art by GreenLeona of DA
For a main character, this gal doesn't seem to get a whole lot of bondage time on her own, does she?

But it does make sense though since she is the dominatrix. I mean I have found a couple of things online that has some bondage scenes with her but it's just down right disgusting so I picked the ones that are still fitting with my taste. But truthfully, as much as she is the dominant one, I really think that deep down inside there is that submissive side of her that just ADORES to be bound and gagged and taken into someone's more than capable hands! But if anything else she is the fantasy distorter; sensually send someone into overload and then take their soul and eat them up to whatever whimsical and dastardly way she sees fit! I guess which is why in the month of love, the gal deserves a break and get some loving(Heart-y art is by jitan777 of DA)! I mean…

The art above MORE than implies that she is in dire need of some bonding time!

Or she can apply some self bondage with her wings….

art by AnimCaptor of DA

So in the grand scheme of things, Morrigan doesn't have a lot of bondage scenes on her own, or enough of it. But that doesn't mean she doesn't deserve the month of LOVE! Maybe we'll get more commissions or just some fan art love of her in bondage in the future so I can update this set.

Here's to hoping. Much love folks!!! =)

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  1. Oh a surprise choice for the month! There certainly is something appealing to seeing a more powerful controlling damsel getting into trouble from time to time. And considering her ventures create more damsels in distress for those that fall prey to her temptation its nice to have her honoured. Now I better stop looking at these pics before I end up on her list of victims next xD. Great work as always. Can't wait to see which damsel gets to usher in the spring season next month =)