Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Red and Blue pt. II"

"If the storm ends, and I don't see you… as you are now, ever again…"

I don't have a perfect halo. I concur with some of the most solemn tune man has ever heard. I am not as you will always want to see me… how you see me as I am now… sadly isn't always what I am.

So here I am now in the shade of blood red after the storm; you still see me….

I'm glad you chased that storm in your own way. I'm glad you fought in the manner that I didn't think someone wold fight for me when she isn't the 'one'. The memory of yesterday will be a distant echo. For you, for this… for all of us… You will always know me as I am now.

To the one who Endured.

The fight is over. Finally. =)

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