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Damsel Of The Month:

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Name: Lara Croft

Game/Series: Tomb Raider

Some Words:

Lara Croft has been around the gaming world for a LONG time, 1996 to be exact with the original PSX. She was probably one of the first(not counting Samus Aran) who empowered the female gender with a shot to be part of the gaming world as  the main protagonist. When she first entered the realm she of course had to be endowed, sass, curvy butt, the face of and accent of a model, then of course those killer double wielding skill that only a badass alpha male should be able to wield. Yes people, Lara Croft broke those ordinance and she comes in packing with heat! Gun blazing against any assailants who comes her way(Enemies were scarce in the first game if I recall correctly), with prowess in the art of climbing, methodical and an analytical mind to solving archaic puzzles, yes, Lara Croft did come in with the prominent reminder to the boys of the gaming world that the opposite gender isn't always the peachy princess behind the bridge to be rescued! Some can fight back and fight their own battles without their prince charming!

But the catch of the old Lara Croft: Story was nonexistent or in fact not zestful enough to even consider it a story! But then again, a lot of games back then weren't entirely focusing on that notion; it was more of showing off what can be done with the new concept of mainstream gaming! Not to tangent off with that idea, Lara, despite having a very skeleton story line back then did rouse up a few following and of course she spawned a few comic books here and there and two movies!

Now this is the greatest thing about Lara Croft: Her personality! She is a sass, badass, and defiant! Those usually make up for some of the best damsel in distress! Top Cow comics painted her decent enough and giving her some very alluring times in bondage(though needing a gag). Also got her fiery attitude quite well and unfortunately for us damsel lovers, they also added her know-how and resourceful self and she gets out of those bindings rather easily. Either that or it was just bad knot work on the part of her captor! I would concur with the latter since yeah.... Personally they should've just kept her with them and kept her bound up TIGHTER and more effectively.

The newest(and rather awesome) reboot of Tomb Raider puts Lara in a more vulnerable and inexperienced position; distress is her middle name in this game apparently, BUT, it still shows her prowess in escaping.

Well her escape is under QTE and within the discretion of the player. But we'd rather see her get loose and continue with the game than stay in bondage, right? Speaking of getting loose in the game...

Notice the line that says: 'cover'? Well, I was just ... um... admiring the graphics and the details and the way they tie things up to look really good with the background and stuff... This happens...

Yup. That's Lara shot in the neck with an arrow because of someone just standing still! Quite the humor, suffice to say.

The perils of Lara doesn't entirely delve too much in the original game or too well in the comic books but to the D.I.D. community, she sure aroused a bunch of artist, to say the least to conjure up or re-imagine some situations that she could be in.


And of course the XnalaraXGmodDID community couldn't resist with their own means of adding Lara with a bit more of distressing scenario.

So needless to say, Lara had gained a lot of rapport with the D.I.D. community with her lack of and/or scarce appearance in such perils and such. There are a plethora that I probably didn't capture, but suffice to say that she is a rather attracting individual in such situation.

But no other real game had captured her(pun!) in a situation than the new Tomb raider has. It makes sense, right? Young girl with barely any experience, trapped in a world where she isn't aware of what is going on, and there are plenty of crooked people to deal with! Of course she'll run into a mere 'two' bondage scenes in her game!

You even have to walk around with your hands tied up as Lara! Fun!

At any rate... I don't think I can put out anymore words in regards to Lara and her peril and why she is more than noteworthy for this month's title! With that said!

And this picture insinuates that in the 'older' version of her, she is in DIRE need of some roped-groped kind of notion; don't you think?

Anyways! Til Next Month!!!!


Pretty little asian girl.... She was a good perk in the game.

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