Wednesday, November 15, 2017

DC Icons: Supergirl Rebirth

I might be on a DC figure roll here, but let me just say that I am not building a massive army of DC Icons... just Harleys. BUT here we have another DC Icons in the form of Supergirl. NOW, I don't want to digress with my reviews on toys that much, but something happened between this figure leaving the BBTS factory and receiving it on my doorstep. So here's a link about that experience. Trust me, it's worth the read. Anyways, on to the figure.

The package is indeed similar to the Burnside Batgirl I bought earlier this year. And they do share a lot of similar qualities, both good and bad as I'll mention in this review.

And I have no intention of getting the rest of the figures in this set.

I think throughout the years, DC has struggled with Supergirl's costume. It's a fine line with giving her a 'feminine' look, while at the same time keeping the "Superman" influence alive. Sure they could have gone the easy route and just give Supergirl the same tights and let her curves do the talking, but... they decided to be bold and give her a skirt. That poses a problem (not for me, but... ya know):

This version of Supergirl was (I believe) was during Jim Lee's run with Supergirl, my favorite version of the Maiden of Might. While she gained a fan following, the problem is the flouncy skirt was going to give too many panty shots! So? How to rectify that? They really didn't. But I digressed. The costume we have here just made the boots longer and made it less of a 'cheerleader' look. While I haven't read the comic books, from images I have seen, this is a pretty accurate sculpt of Kara from Rebirth. She does look a little older with the face we get, but the body is quite nice. The cape, while not articulated, is soft and pliable, and it does have some dynamic look. 

The colors are quite nice. Though it might look bland, and it certainly is, the idea of this figure is to try and replicate her look in the Rebirth series, which from all the artwork I have seen, that comic book is not mean to be as vibrant or as 'flashy' as the New 52 or the continuity before it. My only real complaint is her hair. I think of Kara as having blond hair that sticks out a little bit. To have it so flat colored is a bit underwhelming. Still, the paint job is clean so I'll take it for sure.

You'll have to forgive the funny angle her heads are in! Due to the hair position, I can't get a good shot on these faces (that's why I do an upclose photo). She comes with alternate hands as well. Not a lot of accessories, but good enough. She also comes with this:

It's a transparent stand that does its job well enough. It has an angle and it can offer some levitating poses. Not dynamic flying poses, but it can do some cool things.

This is the first version of her face. Again, she looks a bit too calm and not as 'young' as I picture Supergirl. I think they were going for the TV series and the Rebirth look.

Her second head is more or less the same except that it has attachable heat-ray visions. Cool things to have since it offers a few more poses.

Articulation is mediocre. High mediocre and definitely passable. I was able to get some pretty good shots on her, so I'm not bummed out at all with what I got. Some are really classic Supergirl poses too. The one thing going for her is the giving material of her skirt, cape, and her hair (to an extent).

One thing I didn't try as hard was getting her into a flight pose that is every bit familiar a Kryptonian would do. Again, the neck barely allows her to look up and that cape of hers hinders her arms pointing in the direction a flying pose needs. The eyebeams are awesome though, but they are limited in what they offer. Still, glad to have them.

A good new design that is a happy medium. Passable paint job. Good sculpting. Standard articulation hindered by costume. Decent accessories. After the New Batgirl, I expected something more from this figure. But then again, that was a deluxe figure with a bike, this is the standard. For any Supergirl fan, this is probably a good grab. For casual fans, this is an easy pass. Still, this is the only Rebirth Supergirl figure I have seen so this might be a must unless we start seeing some more. I mostly consider this figure as a highly articualted statue. 

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