Monday, December 26, 2016

Spoils of 2016

HOLY crack addict, Batman, that's freaking POPPIN! So yes, I am now officially a POP hoarder. A lot of these spoils are my OWN Christmas present to myself(mostly the POPs), but I was blessed this year and I got some awesome things. The reviews on some of these things will probably trickle down over the next few months, depending on my time. I might just do some POPs of the year for 2017 at this rate!

Things to review:

-Festive Asuka and Rei
-Miles Spidey
-Spider-Gwen mini statue
-Harley Quinn statue (BTAS)
-Spider-Woman Tsum Tsum
-Figures of 2016

I'm going to be VERY busy in 2017... I can already see it.

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